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Auto Insurance from Hughes Associates, Inc.

Keeping you legal

There’s no avoiding it: if you want to register your car, you must have automobile insurance. Of course, determining the coverage limits and additional services included in your policy is up to you. How much liability coverage should you carry? What deductible makes the most sense for you? These are questions your Hughes Associates, Inc. Insurance can help you answer.

Protecting you, your car and your financial security

When it comes to automobile accidents, broken glass and bent fenders make it easy to assess the immediate damage. However, as expensive as these can be, there are many other expenses that can far outweigh the costs of property damage…and take much longer to realize.

Consider initial medical costs for any passengers or other drivers injured during an accident. What about long-term physical injuries? What happens if an accident results in an injury requiring years of therapy? There’s a risk of a permanent disability. If a court finds you liable for these expenses, is your insurance up to the task?

Hughes Associates, Inc. Insurance has over 40 years of experience helping individuals just like you protect their future financial security against expensive liability losses as a result of an automobile accident. No one can plan for the unexpected…but you can protect yourself against the losses.   Talk to the professionals at Hughes Associates, Inc. Insurance and make sure your automobile insurance is everything you need it to be.

More Options Means More Savings

Hughes Associates, Inc. offers smart choices that save you money

When you ask Hughes Associates, Inc. Insurance Agency for automobile insurance, you’re not ‘stuck’ with one product from one company. As an Independent Agency, we shop among many, many insurance providers. Some offer better rates for younger drivers while others are more aggressive in going after older drivers. There are many companies that offer discounts when you carry both homeowners insurance and automobile insurance with them. Our experienced agents will help you wade through the various options and provide solid solutions that protect you while offering the best possible rates. Enjoy excellent coverage at competitive rates with Hughes Associates, Inc. Insurance Agency.

Boat insurance in Queens & Long Island NYHughes Associates, Inc. Insurance Agency offers options that include:

  • Auto
  • Motorcycle
  • Boats
  • Personal watercraft
  • RV’s
  • ATV’s / Off-road vehicles
  • Trailers
  • Classic Cars

Defensive Driver Classes Available

Give us a call today for more information regarding Defensive Driver classes.

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