Affordable Insurance in Far Rockaway, Queens, NY

If you are looking for any type of insurance as a Far Rockaway, Queens resident, Hughes Associates is the only logical choice. This historic community is a great place to live and work, and we are proud to be able to make life easier for its residents. We understand the needs of people in this particular community, and the insurance laws in the state of New York are quite unique. Our agency can get you the coverage that you need at a price that won’t break the bank. To put it in a nutshell, for low cost insurance in Far Rockaway, Hughes is the only name you need to remember.

Car Insurance and Homeowners Insurance

Owning a car can be very expensive when you combine the payments, the gas, and the ongoing maintenance. The last thing you need is a huge car insurance bill arriving every month, and you will get no such thing if you work with our agency to obtain coverage on your behalf.

As we mentioned in the opening, we provide quality coverage at rock bottom prices, and we can do this because we are not beholden to any one company. Our agency has access to a network of highly reputable insurers, and they compete for your business. In the end, you will get your Far Rockaway car insurance at the lowest price point that is being offered. Plus, in addition to our auto insurance offerings, if you own a marine vessel, we also have the ability to connect you with boat insurance to protect your investment.

We offer homeowners insurance in Far Rockaway, New York as well, and once again, we can shop around for you to make sure that you are not paying a penny more than you have to for your home insurance. Many people don’t understand the fact that a typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover flooding, but we can add flood insurance to your coverage package so that you are fully protected.

Commercial Insurance for Far Rockaway Businesses

Our agency can and will satisfy all of your personal insurance needs, but we are also commercial insurance specialists. We can provide all different types of business insurance, including liability insurance, commercial property insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, and workers compensation insurance.

Contact Hughes Associates!

If you need personal insurance, umbrella insurance, annuities, or commercial insurance, call Hughes Associates at 718-456-8646 and we will take care of the rest.

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